J.S. Bach  ·  St. John Passion
First of all others, the wonderful tenor Henning Klocke – his "Erwäge" was definitely one of the highlights.
Henning Klocke, a constantly – present evangelist with a fine feeling for vocal emotions, showed a convincing performance.
The tenor Henning Klocke impressed by his diversity of expression,— his Petrus really cried —, and by his clear and understandable diction. Not one syllable did get lost or degraded to pure triviality. Besides all that, he even had the power and passion for solo highlights, like in the aria "Ach, mein Sinn" and in the arioso "Mein Herz, in dem die ganze Welt".
Henning Klocke excelled in the tenor arias…. Impressing with its touching beauty his "Erwäge, wie sein blutgefärbter Rücken".
Bothmann was able to hire Henning Klocke for the tenor arias — what an excellent choice! The young tenor has a very beautiful and carrying voice. He arranged his part sensitively and mastered it perfectly in every respect.

C. Monteverdi  ·  Orfeo
The extensive and demanding part of the Orfeo was sang by Henning Klocke with an amazing and manifold expressiveness reaching from lyrically–musing devotion to emotional outbursts — deep passion and subtle melancholy. Musically very charming was his coloratura–trimmed aria "Possente Spirto" which was impeccably accompanied by the instrumental soloists.
It was a real stroke of luck that Kabitz had chosen Henning Klocke for the part of Orfeo. The young tenor had prepared himself very carefully for that part. He interpreted the text extremely convincingly with his full and confident voice. He showed joy and vitality of one being–in–love, was also able to movingly express grief about Eurydice‘s death, didn‘t even forget the brilliance of effortless heights and sang the request for mercy with touching warmth like a hopeful prayer using the pleasantly sounding depth to touch the whole audience. Klocke is able to colour his voice very interestingly, and intelligently used that quality in the fourth act when he led Eurydice upward, being accompanied by bouncing violins, brilliantly orchestrated by Monteverdi, as an expression of anticipated joy. Also sorrow and melancholy were impressively conveyed after his wife‘s death.
After all, the total success was attributed to competent solo–singers… …foremost, the name–part of the Orfeo performed with melodious sound by Henning Klocke. A definite highlight the credibility of despair in the Echo–Aria: "Questi I campi di tracia".

J.S. Bach  ·  Christmas oratorio
Highlight of the fourth act was definitely the aria "Ich will nur dir zu Ehren leben", Henning Klocke (tenor) composed dynamic tension in the coloraturas of the aria that together with special intonation of individual keywords and with his lively mimicry transmitted the message impressively and convincingly. With equal quality, he performed his reciting and vocal skills as evangelist.
A lasting impression gave the trio with the performance "Ach, wenn wird die Zeit erscheinen" in which (Soprano) and Henning Klocke so doubtfully, yet lamenting with hope, and (Alto) friendly but emphatically sing "Schweigt, er ist schon wirklich hier!". Hereby, even the last one doubting was surely convinced of the stunning show.
Henning Klocke diversely led as evangelist through the opus with his clear tenor voice and showed equally high voice–capacity when singing arias.
Confident mastering of vocal and speaking techniques distinguish the refined singer… Light and clear the great recitatives and the aria "Frohe Hirten, eilt…" of the young tenor Henning Klocke.
The tenor Henning Klocke in the role of the evangelist tells lively and well–articulated the Christmas story — with his characteristical flexibility and ease….

H. Schütz  ·  Musical Exequies
Tenor Henning Klocke filled the nave superiorly and arranged his passages full with expectation.

W.A. Mozart  ·  Mass in C minor,   J.S. Bach  ·  Cantata BWV 70
Especially the Bach–aria "Hebt euer Haupt empor" full of expression — the tenor Henning Klocke singing with ease and lyrically sweet and soft.

J.S. Bach  ·  St. Matthew Passion
The main part of the composition was done, beside the choirs, by Henning Klocke who delivered the words of the Evangelium impressively and convincingly.
Henning Klocke, in the leading role of the evangelist, led through the Passion with elegantly clear voice and knew very well how to establish a high degree of tension between him and the audience by the wonderful timbre of his voice.
A great part of the thrilling performance was due to the exceptional soloist–quintet…. Henning Klocke as evangelist was highly challenged with the more informing tasks — and he certainly did a convincing job.
Henning Klocke sang pleasantly unstrenuously with his youthful voice and artistically, he seems to be on the best way.
Tenor Henning Klocke‘s soul–stirring devotion and passion and his youthful fire certainly prick one‘s ear.

M. Haydn  ·  Requiem,   J.S. Bach  ·  Cantata BWV 126
The harmonious solo–voices gave the performance an obvious rise of quality. They developed brilliant sound-quality and interpreted the musical statement with vocal beauty, especially soprano and tenor in "Introitus et Kyrie"… and tenor and bass in the wonderful duet "Domine de morte transire".
Particularly, Henning Klocke mastered the tasks of his role exceptionally well and sang the coloraturas with high top–tunes without neglecting sound pattern and articulation.
The soloist–quartet was a brilliant choice. The tenor Henning Klocke performed also in high tunes totally relaxed, always well–pronounced and well–understood.

G. Rossini  ·  Petite Messe solennelle
Antiphony and duets of the solo–singers impressed by high quality. All of them best choice, excellent artistic standard! Henning Klocke got everybody‘s attention with his radiant tenor tunes…. Shouts of joy and rounds of cheers!
The audience experienced a jubilating "Domine Deo" that gave the tenor Henning Klocke impressive possibilities of a great aria which he used with brilliant radiance.
Henning Klocke convinced with perfect intonation and devoted performing…. A superbly composed and vocally arranged solo–quartet!